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Romans8:31-39The Everlasting Love of God11 Oct 2018
Romans8:29-31aConformed to His ImageWatch it on Facebook Live!4 Oct 2018
Romans8:26-28From Suffering to Glory (Part 2)28 Oct 2018
Romans8:18-25From Suffering to Glory (Part 1)Watch it on Facebook Live!7 Oct 2018
Romans8:8-17But You Are Not in the Flesh!30 Sep 2018
Romans8:3-7The Triumph of Grace! (Part 2)Watch it on Facebook Live!23 Sep 2018
Romans7:25-8:2The Triumph of Grace! (Part 1)16 Sep 2018
Romans7:14-25The Believer and SinWatch it on Facebook Live!9 Sep 2018
Romans7:7-13The Law's Relationship to Sin2 Sep 2018
Romans6:12-23No Longer Yielded to SinWatch it on Facebook Live!19 Aug 2018